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Budget Hygge

  • By Becky Bond
  • 23 Nov, 2016

Want to feel hygge but haven't got the cash? Follow my budget hygge plan to feel more Scandi than a lumberjack in a snowdrift. 

First, you need to get cold.

Proper Hygge (PH):  Flight to Iceland: £319
Budget Hygge (BH): Opening freezer door: FREE
Then, get warm.

PH: Woodburner, fitted & working + cashmere socks:  £3k
BH: Turning radiator up a bit + old socks: 53p
Create ambient lighting.

PH: Loads of posh candles from Jo Malone: £600
BH: Taking a bulb out of your big light fitting: FREE
Get drunk.

PH: Craft ale/glühwein/boozy hot chocolate: 6 mugs @£7 per mug: £42
BH: Bottle of House Red & cooking chocolate: £4.99, all in.
Eat ham.

PH: Air dried hock on a plinth: £80
BH: Sliced & ready to go: £3

PH: Foreplay with a lumberjack: PRICELESS
BH: Cut out & keep beardy weirdy: FREE
PH TOTAL:       £4041.00
BH TOTAL:               £8.52

SAVING:      £4032.48

You're welcome.
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